In spring 2020, our team was able to secure a brand sponsorship with Adobe Creative Cloud, promoting the applications to our members and students throughout the university. This academic year, we hope to gain more sponsorships by connecting with New York City businesses once we are all back on campus. 

Adobe Creative Cloud Brand Ambassadors

In spring 2020, the American Marketing Association at Pace University NYC got the amazing opportunity to be brand ambassadors for Adobe Creative Cloud. Our objective was to spread brand awareness about Adobe through the applications that the Creative Cloud offers, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe XD. 

We were able to develop the marketing skills of our members through introductory Adobe workshops for members to grow their creative skills. On campus, we hosted one Adobe Photoshop workshop in-person, as well as tabling sessions to spread knowledge about Adobe. Once our campus went virtual, we continued to host live Zoom workshops and posted those to our Youtube channel for our members to watch.

For more information on our experience with Adobe, check out our website made with Adobe Portfolio!