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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join AMA?

By coming to our Meetings! We hold meetings every Tuesday at 3:25 in the Lubin Lab. You can subscribe to our email list, follow our Instagram @amapacenyc or hit the join button  on SetterSync here  to stay up to date on all of our meetings!

Can I join even if i'm not a marketing major?

Of course! AMA is open to all majors! Many of our own E-Board members aren't marketing majors but know the importance of personal branding and how to market yourself!

Why should I join AMA?

When joining AMA you are opening yourself up to national connections! AMA has chapters all over the country and being a part of something this large sets you a part and sets you up for success!

What can AMA do for me?

AMA is here to be that first foot in the door for your professional development! We offer many events dedicated to LinkedIn and resume building, certification training, professional speakers and more!

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