Join AMA at Pace University NYC!

The collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association at Pace University NYC strives to open a world of possibilities for undergraduate students interested in marketing. Becoming a nationally recognized AMA member offers you exclusive perks, such as exclusive virtual conferences, employer spotlights, and ability to connect to a wide network of professionals.

The American Marketing Association at Pace University NYC is open to all, regardless of major! Besides having an amazing sense of community, the AMA at Pace University NYC offers benefits such as:

  • Exclusive merchandise packages, including AMA-branded sweatshirts and water bottles

  • Exclusive webinars and virtual conferences on digital marketing, hosted by the national American Marketing Association and the AMA New York professional chapter

  • Exclusive access to professional networking events hosted by the AMA at Pace University

  • Ability to compete in the AMA International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, where members can compete in real-life business and marketing simulations

  • Ability to connect with over 320+ active collegiate chapters, allowing members to connect with members all over the country 

  • Capacity to engage students in the marketing discipline through personal branding workshops and building the creative skills of our members

  • Access to micro-internships, hosted by Parker Dewey, that AMA members can apply for 

  • Strong focus on building resumes, connecting to employers, and overall professional development in the field of their choice 

Last but not least, the main benefit of joining the AMA at Pace University NYC is gaining like-minded peers who are motivated to further their career goals! Our members have connected one other to internships and employers through this organization, building a strong network of peers that you can rely on.

Students who wish to join our organization can sign up by contacting us via email and letting us know that you're interested! 


This year we are able to offer free memberships to a select number of students through the AMA Chingos scholarship! If you were a student who signed up for the Chingos Scholarship, follow this guide on How to Access Your Free Membership.


Questions? Contact us via email or DM us on Instagram!

How to Join: