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AMA Tabling 2022

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Throughout the first two weeks of the semester, AMA at Pace had the opportunity to table 3 times total! Twice in the lobby during common-hour and once during the Activities Fair, generating a total of 152 student engagements.

While doing lobby tabling, we generated a total of 77 student engagements on both days!

Tabling during the Activities Fair exposed us to an audience of X students, in which 75 students engaged with us. During every tabling interaction, students were given actionable next-steps towards AMA membership, which consisted of following our social media and the details to attend our first general meeting.

Student engagements were encouraged through the display of past chapter awards and the distribution of free AMA merchandise, such as pens and lanyards.

We met so many awesome new potential members and we can't wait to see everyone at our very first general meeting Tuesday September 20th at 3:25-4:25 in the Lubin Lab!

<3 Bella and Emi

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