Get to Know Series: Ren Cazell, Chief Creative Officer

Updated: Oct 10

I’m Lauren Cazell--or just Ren--and I’m an Art Major planning to minor in Digital Marketing. I have been drawing and sketching ever since I was a kid. I always knew I wanted to do something artistic as a career. At first, I thought it was going to be theater but then I found my passion for graphic design a few years ago. So, I decided to apply to Pace’s Art program and I was accepted. As for my minor, because I started posting my art online and accumulated a following, I had to learn how to market my works to grow my account even further. I also joined the American Marketing Association at Pace University and became the Chief Creative Officer this year. These experiences made me realize I wanted to pursue marketing as well as art, so I have the skills to create and promote my artwork.

Before AMA I honestly had a lot of negative experiences with working on team projects. This mostly happened during Covid when classes were largely held on Zoom. It was extremely challenging to communicate with team members strictly virtually and finding a time to meet up to discuss everyone’s responsibilities was near impossible. . I have only had a few good relationships with members of group project teams in the past, but I have great relationships with other members of the American Marketing Association. We’re a team because even though we all have different roles in the club, we all collaborate to brainstorm event ideas and discuss how to succeed at ICC. We all support each other even with varying majors and help each other network in our different disciplines. I’ve had other AMA members send me job listings that I should apply for and give me advice on job hunting. We all have strong relationships that go beyond the organization.

Every year during Marketing Week, we go volunteer at a food pantry as a group. Last year we went to a women’s shelter and bagged donated food. This helped the community of homeless and less fortunate women of New York. In AMA, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice is really important to the organization. We host events like Mental Health Week and

Women’s Week that both focus on social impact and inclusion in marketing. Also, for the first time, this year our E-board is entirely made up of diverse women. We also added a DEI position to our E-board because it is so important to our organization.

AMA has not only given me opportunities to grow professionally but personally as well and I look forward to working with everyone this semester.

<3 Ren

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