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New and Improved...

Well hello there AMA FAM, funny seeing you here! Welcome to our brand new website :) By the time this is up, I'm actually not done (yikes) but shh i'm not telling anyone its up till it's fully finished ;)

I am so insanely excited for what AMA at Pace University has in store for this semester! We've taken notes, we've studied and we are here to conquer! Our brand spanken new e-board has been working hard these past few months to make sure we have the best year yet! (Did I mention we're all women!!!)

I'm soo ready for us to start up this blog! Here, you can find brief run downs of the events we throw, international collegiate conference and some other things we find important like social impact and whats going on in the business world! I cannot wait for you all to follow us on this new journey.Talk soon AMA FAM!

Isabella, Chief Executive Officer

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