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The Team

AMA Alumni! 

Check out what our Alumni is up to and what AMA did for them!


Marquis Lacelle

Creator of Marquise Lacelle Skin

Former Chief Executive Officer '20

AMA has taught me to dream big/ shoot for the stars and never be afraid to be yourself! At the time, it was not advised to change the structure/name of PUMA (Pace University Marketing Association) to blossom into AMA… But look at you now! Inventive, renewed, and still award winning.

I thought to myself, if I was able to lead/reposition something like this organization then I can bet on myself to follow my own path.

After completing my masters at Florida International University, I am now on the pursuit to be a spa/skincare brand owner. Taking it all step by step but as you can see by my IG, @MarquiseLacelleSkin was born!

Derek Storer

Intern at Barclays

Former Chief Executive Officer '22

AMA was the foundation to my success at Pace University and beyond. During my time as Vice-President, and then President, I gained invaluable transferable skills that awarded nearly all of my future opportunities, including an internship at Barclays. Outside of the professional world, the network of friends I formed in AMA has led to some of the best friendships I could ask for!! 


Leah Gaffney

Brand Strategy at Kantar

Former Chief Operations Officer '22

AMA has done so much for me as both a professional and an individual. I have developed invaluable skills for networking and collaborating with other peers. I have grown more confident in myself as a leader and in my everyday experiences because of all of the opportunities I have had with AMA. My current position is in research and analytics for marketing campaigns, and a lot of what I do was easy to adapt after graduation because of what I had learned going to the AMA International Collegiate Conference! Overall I cannot thank AMA enough for all of the skills, as well as the memories that I had made.

Gabriella Peralta

Associate, Human Resource Business Partner at Success Academy Charter Schools

Former Chief Financial Officer '22

The American Marketing Association provided me with valuable experience in how to work with others and navigate situations that I would experience in the professional world on a grander scale. Being a part of AMA taught me how to use programs that I could put on my resume and fostered my time management and project management skills.

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 5.08.43 PM.png

Lillian Walsh

Equipment Manager and Camera Operator at Verizon

Former Chief Creative Officer  '21

AMA has provided me with the ability to professionally speak, to feel comfortable enough to be in the conversation with SVPs and Ceos of large conglomerates, and feel confident in myself to do what I do best; be myself!

Grace Alimo

Former Creative Director '21

AMA helped me with my skill set that has advanced me in my career!

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